Shipping Policy

Updated in March 2024: Subject to stock availability of Tapentadol online, we are pleased to provide domestic shipping within the United States through USPS Priority and delivery within 1-2 business days (overnight) via Priority Mail Express to the United States; shipping inside the United Kingdom within the United Kingdom via Royal Mail (3-4 days); and shipping within the European Union from Poland.

We can now transport Tapentadol 100 mg all over the globe utilizing the Express Mail Service, departing from Singapore, India, the USA, and the U.K. The EMS does not need a signature upon delivery, and the delivery procedure may take anywhere from seven to twelve business days for orders coming from the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, and anywhere from fourteen to thirty days for goods coming from the rest of the globe.

Express delivery with tracking out of India, which typically takes between 10 and 12 working days, is $39, FREE with orders over $180

Standard delivery from India takes between 15 and 20 business days and costs $29, but is free for orders above $80.

Domestic delivery by Royal Mail in the U.K. takes three to seven days, costing £49 plus 50% of the item’s price.

Lastest Shipping Method

NEW! Customers from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Switzerland can have their packages sent from the U.K. via Royal Mail.

We may use Registered Airmail services (the usual shipping choice) in some situations, like when sending packages or only to certain countries. Orders from the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada take between 10 and 18 business days to arrive. Orders from the rest of the world take between 14 and 30 business days to arrive.

We directly ship Tapentadol 100mg and Tapentadol 200mg to:

  • The United States,
  • Canada,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Australia, Germany,
  • Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Shipping inside the E.U.

To avoid customs checks, we send goods to all E.U. countries from our stores in the E.U., usually in Poland, a part of the European Union Customs Union. Our prices for the E.U. are higher because, if necessary, we will send your package again for free. This way, we can promise you will get your package or your money back.

We care more about how easy it is for your packages to get through the mail system than how fast they get there. If your order is held up for over 15 business days, we will ship it again for free.

If your order doesn’t get to you for any reason that isn’t your fault, like giving us an incorrect shipping address or not being home when your package arrives, we will gladly send it again.

Please note that your package will be sent from Dubai to ensure timely delivery at U.S. Customs. These packages (LTXXXXXXXSG) can’t be tracked for the first 7–10 business days and don’t need to be signed for when they arrive.

Shipping policy Tapentadol

Across the Nation, On Time Every Time: Elevate Your Experience with Our USA to USA Shipping Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Date of last change: March 3, 2023

After years of slow supplies because of the coronavirus, things are finally back to normal. Every day, items become more and more apparent. That’s good news for everyone, including our buyers. But because of the virus, many strange things have happened with transportation worldwide, especially with things moved from Asia. Still, some of our packages may be moving slower than usual,

so, orders that have been Dispatched should arrive in about: 12–21 days for the U.S.; 5–10 days for the U.K.; 12–21 days for Australia; 3–7 days for orders from the E.U., the U.S., and the U.K.; and 12–21 days for orders from other countries.

We send Modafinil to all E.U. countries from our stores in the E.U., so packages stay put. We must pay more to ship Modafinil to customers in E.U. countries because we need stores in Europe (in the UK, Poland, and Hungary), pay customs tax when bringing prescription drugs into the E.U. area, and hire more people. Because of these things, the price of Modafinil in the U.K. (if you use Royal Mail for shipping within the country) and in Europe is about 50% higher based on where you live. We’re sorry, but we can’t ship to the E.U. for free or give savings on the E.U. shipping fee.

The Canadian Border Services Agency takes about 70% of items from the U.K. and USA that have Rx drugs.   If your order has yet to come in 30 days or if customs (CBSA) takes it, we’ll send you a free reshipment

What kinds of deliveries are there? Can my order be sent using the Express shipping option? How do I get shipping for free? How do I add $1 so that shipping is free? Should I pick Express or Regular?

After you pay for your order, the Tapentadol Package will be dispatched within 2 hours. We’ll email you your parcel’s tracking number 24 to 72 hours after receiving your order. Please wait 5–7 business days after getting your shipping confirmation email before trying to track your package. Once your tracking number is live, we’ll email you about tracking.

Time and cost of shipping March 2023 Update: Depending on how much stock we have, we are happy to ship within the U.S. with USPS Priority Mail Express (3–4 days or even overnight), within the U.K. with Royal Mail (3–4 days), and within the E.U. from Poland, Singapore, or the U.K.

For the U.S., U.K., E.U. (E.D. pills), and Australia

Shipping by express (7–12 work days) – $49 – FREE if you spend more than $180

Standard shipping (ten to eighteen working days) – $39 – FREE over $130

UK Domestic Royal Mail (3-7 days) – £49 + half the price of the item

From the U.S. to the U.S., Domestic shipping takes 3–4 days with USPS. Special prices apply. EU-to-EU shipping from Poland, Germany, or the Czech Republic is free on orders over $350 and takes 5-14 days. – €39 + 50% of the rest of your order

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